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Anxiety Therapy

Is Anxiety stealing the enjoyment in your life?


Are you feeling spent from the running thoughts in your mind? Do you feel like you have no control over the gears in your brain, which doesn’t seem to stop?


You worry about the smallest things that happen in your day and your imagination seems to take you into the most disastrous places.

Juggling everything on your plate each day is exhausting and yet, you can’t seem to stop. Perhaps you are taking on many responsibilities in your own life and everyone else around you or, you have so much going on that finding a sense of peace and self-care feels impossible. You may notice your patience is running low, and are easily irritable. You are looking for a way to manage your thoughts that are affecting your physical health, productivity at work, and relationships.

Tired city girl

Your journey to a calm and balanced life begins here.

Individual Therapy: Services

All your life, you’ve strived to do better and be more. As we keep growing in our personal and professional life, we eventually come to a point of desiring rest. Your idea of what is enough in life and the meaning of success can drive you to ignore other important aspects of your life. Our society has redefined the value of ourselves to be placed with a sense of productivity and our body and minds suffer to keep ‘produce’.


Anxiety affects everyone at one point or another in one’s lifetime and in fact, anxiety is an important emotion that allows us to live the fruitful life that we desire. It is when anxiety has taken over to an unhealthy level, that we must reassess ourselves to find a sense of balance again in life. Anxiety can be debilitating but it can be managed. 

In therapy, we can create coping skills to manage your anxiety symptoms and explore triggers for your anxiety to recognize and prevent anxiety from taking over your life. Learning the tools and discovering the origin of your anxiety and different ways to manage will bring back a sense of control and peace in your life again.

There are many options when it comes to anxiety management and anxiety treatments. The most important aspect to recognize is your unique anxiety story. Everyone experiences anxiety differently and every anxiety has its own unique triggers. It can depend on many factors including your childhood environment, family values, current stressors, and your body’s reactions to anxiety. I will discover with you on your anxiety story and its impact on your own life. We will discuss mindfulness implementations to better manage your body's reaction to anxiety. Your stillness and peace will look different from others. 


I will guide you in discovering your anxious thoughts and its continued impact on different aspects of your life with openness. We will explore the different triggers of your anxiety to deepen our understanding of your associated responses to anxiety. I will provide you with the tools to recover the strength and stillness to manage future anxiety-provoking events.


Therapy can help you to find your sense of balance in life again.

Walking in balance

Anxiety has a way of creeping up in our lives and we suddenly find ourselves drowning of anxious thoughts and overwhelming feelings. We will work to recognize the anxiety’s steps before it can creep up again in your life. Analyzing its footprints will help you to know what you can expect in your life and manage before it takes over. 


Our bodies and minds are intricately intertwined being. When our thoughts are full of anxiety, our body reacts to those thoughts. We will explore how our bodies and minds are can be prepared together to defend against your anxious thoughts and learn to breathe with ease. 


Your anxiety thoughts may be deep-rooted into a particular experience or belief about yourself. Our values of ourselves and of our world defines the ways we think and react to various situations in our lives. I will guide you in discovering those deeper experiences and belief systems to uncover the true cause of your anxiety.

Calmness and balance start with your courage to take the first step in talking through your anxiety story and rediscovering its role in your life. If you are ready to take this step to live a fuller and peaceful life, I invite you to contact me today for a 15-minute communication about achieving our goals together.

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