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Chronic Stress

Has your patience been running low? Are you finding yourself easily irritable and sensitive? Do you have difficulties in managing your sleep? Perhaps you have been feeling tired and more fatigued lately. Your days are filled with endless to-do lists and yet you find yourself unmotivated and losing focus. 

Distractions are all around you while you are fighting to get through your daily grind. You are feeling the burn out from your work and it’s been impacting your relationship with your loved ones. If this has been your experience for a couple of months or longer, your suffering from chronic stress. 

In short phases, stress is a normal emotion that is part of our everyday life. Some even say that stress is a tool that drives us to be more productive in our workplace. Stress can elevate you to success and meet challenges effectively. It is when this feeling starts interrupting in our days that we begin to notice its impact on our lives. When stress seems to never come to a stop and your experience with stress becomes long-lasting, it affects our physical and mental health.

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I get it; you are an achiever and making time for your mental health might be one of the hardest things to do amongst your busy schedules. In order for you to continue your successful path in your professional and personal life,  taking the time to examine the triggers of your stress is important to step in finding balance in life. 

When a stressful situation arises, your nervous system is reacting in response to those stress. Chemical changes start to take place in your brain to narrow your ability to think straight and for your body to move quickly. With this connection of your mind and body, I will teach you practical stress management skills to achieve your work and relational needs by implementing mental strategies and calming skills to ease your nervous systems. 

We will also explore your deep-rooted issues that are causing those stress in the first place. These might be coming from your unconscious places of memories. I will attend to those inner cry for help so you will continue to recognize the triggers before it becomes too overwhelming in your life again. 

Rock Maze

Find your life balance and enjoy the ride.

Everyone’s function and purpose of stress are different. Your energy can be reserved to be more present with the things and people you love. Balance is not far to find within your life. I invite you to a nonjudgment space of calmness and mental wealth. Connect with me today to begin your understanding of stress.

Individual Therapy: Services

Chronic stress affects the wellness of our body and our mind.

With high demanding work, limited support for your personal issues, and fast-paced societal changes, chronic stress is very common. You might notice the existence of stress in your life when you feel less motivated and overwhelmed with your normal daily activities. Your mind, body, and relationships will take a toll with prolonged stress. 

Over time, stress will contribute to problems that affect your cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, nervous, and immune systems. The complex impact of prolonged stress is unique to each individual and depending on your genetic and biological makeup, you can suffer from long-term illnesses both physically and mentally. 

You deserve to live a life that is true to yours.

You have been working hard all your life, taking care of obligations for your needs and for others. You might be feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities life is throwing at you.


What you need is a space to pause, a short breathing space to release your concerns and worries of the world, and rejuvenate emotionally and mentally.

If you are consistently looking for an escape in your day, you need coping tools to help you manage your stress and find the underlying triggers for your stress. I will guide you to find the right tools to carve out your space of peace and rest.


Your stress doesn’t have to dictate your life and limit you in your achievements. With proper tools and safe space, you will regain the strength both in your body and your mind. 

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