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Are you feeling more and more irritable with everything around you? Do you find yourself flaring up into heated arguments with your loved ones over the tiniest things?

Perhaps you are eating alone more frequently during your busy workday to avoid more agitating conversations with others. Or your language becomes more aggressively creative through the rush hour of the traffic, while someone cuts you off in your hectic morning drive.

Your frequent feelings of anger, irritability, and agitation might be explained by ANXIETY.

Anxiety is your body's response to stress. Your body might be informing you that you are experiencing anxiety when you are having digestive problems, sleep issues, tense muscles, loss of focus, and restlessness. Anxiety is uniquely presented to everyone differently. For many of us, when our bodies are discomforted, it will respond with sparks of irritability and frustration.

Anxiety is known to reduce your tolerance of stress levels so it can be blamed for many of your ‘angry outbursts’ with such normal daily activities that were never bothersome in the past.

What do I do about my anxiety?

Understanding your experience and relationship with anxiety will be the first step in our work. Your body will respond differently to everyone else’s response to anxiety. I will help you to become more aware of where your anxiety resides in your body. We will discover how your body is hinting you the ways it needs to be taken care of to reduce stress and anxiety.

I will work with you in building a more understanding of your mind and body connection to cope with the anxiety.

We will also explore your unique triggers for the anxiety and ways that it has been existing and hindering you in various aspects of your life, including relational and physical health. We may discover different traumas in the past that caused your anxiety or personal and social pressures that gradually added to the daily cycle of stress and anxiety.

We will work towards developing a healthier lifestyle that can lead to long term relief of anxiety.

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