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Pregnancy & Postpartum

After giving birth, you may be experiencing inadequacy taking care of your own wellbeing. Taking a shower or eating can become a burdensome task. It may even be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. These are common symptoms of depression and it affects you and your newborn’s health and relationship.  


Anxiety is another common experience for many mothers during and post-birth. Anxiety for mothers includes intrusive thoughts about hurting the baby, or someone else potentially hurting the baby in irrational ways. You may feel overwhelmed, and have a sense of panic often in your days. Many of these intrusive thoughts may end up causing compulsive behaviors such as repeatedly cleaning or frequently checking on your sleeping baby. You need a safe place to discuss these scary thoughts without any sense of shame and judgment.

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Your thoughts deserve to be heard and your emotions are valid.

Find intimacy with yourself and peace with your baby.

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There are many predetermined risk factors that create a higher rate of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorder during pregnancy and postpartum. ALL women risk suffering from mental distress during pregnancy. Certain triggers may cause you to have higher risks such as extreme stress, family genetics, personal history of mental health, physical well being, and even support systems. These risk factors are no fault to you. You deserve to receive the best care through an already exhausting process of becoming a mom. 

According to the World Health Organization, about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth experience a mental disorder. Some mothers will be affected to the point of having suicidal thoughts or have issues in their daily functioning. Maternal mental health issues can be treated with proper help and understanding.

There are several components that make perinatal therapy effective during and post-pregnancy for both you and your baby. The length and approach to our work can vary based on many factors, including your experience of difficulty, history of mental health in your family, and support. We will first work towards having your basic needs met such as sleep, healthy eating habits, and finding support. Your basic needs affect every aspect of your life including your relationship with your partner and your baby.


Then, we will work towards finding time for yourself again. A space of internal peace to be the mother you need yourself to be. We will develop coping skills to decrease your body’s response to stress and create a new lifestyle.


Let’s work towards calming your constant worries and racing thoughts so you can find peace within yourself and build a healthy relationship with your baby.

Contact me today for a 15-minute consultation and begin your journey towards inner balance.

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